What is Art

Art and Artist are part of a trine with the third point being the viewer. None can exist without the other two and all form a never ending symbiotic evolutionary relationship. Art is created by an artist and is absorbed by and reflected off the viewer. an artist must create art to be an artist and needs support of the viewer to exist(not necessarily financially). The viewer is dependent upon the artist to create and the art to evoke. Art, is simply anything created by man solely for its intrinsic value and serves no purpose other than to exist, occupy space and arouse negative or positive feelings in the viewer. The artist is simply the creator of the art. Though an artist may create with a purposeful meaning behind his art, it is up to the viewer to interpret his statement, to keep or discard what they will, until they have made some sense of it. While some artists believe that they are compelled to create and are not at all dependant upon the viewer, they are mistaken; art is not art unless it is viewed and felt even if it is the artist himself who does double-duty as the viewer.