Sunflower Pin

This tutorial Courtesy of “Old Joe” Brott


Sunflower Pin

¬†Download this picture, resize to the size desired and print. Cut out pattern and paste or trace to wood. (2.5″ diameter works well for a pin)

After pattern is cut out, bevel rear edges so less wood needs to be removed when carving petals

Use Chip cuts to remove wood before final shaping petal edges

Final shape end of petals, Outline side shape of petals with v cuts from center. Shape center of pin

Use #3 or #5 10mm gouge to shape petals and tops of outer part of large petals

apply v cuts in petals to represent veins

Finished Pin, smooth with scuffing pad or fine sandpaper for stain or paint. (Spray with clear shiny or Paint center black, petals yellow/orange)

Thanks Joe