I need a Wife

Please excuse the inherent sexism, literary license and all that jazz. Sorry if it offends in any way

Why this carving woman needs a wife—-Its Saturday morning and I wake up. I sit at the pc for a moment to collect my thoughts and read my email. I think about what I will do with the rest of my day. I know what I want to do, I want to carve. But then I think about what I have to do. Laundry, food shopping, cleaning dust bunnies, take the dog out, If I want to eat I will have to cook.  I just want to play today.  I have been in a carving slump lately.  Today is a dreary rainy day.  It is a great day to carve.  However, if I don’t take care of the things that need to be taken care of, no one else is going to.  Sometimes, it seems like it would be better to be a man from the 1950s.  When a man and a woman live together, they must have their own activities.  The man usually wanders out into the garage or down into the basement, or goes to a friends house so that he is not underfoot.  This allows his wife to get her work done.  Now I am a woman so this may sound funny coming from me but I do believe that a wife does housework better than a man.  My brain is more like a man’s.  I tend to walk over and around things.  Until I actually trip over something I don’t really see it.  I have no explanation for why that is.  I like to work on the cars.  I like to do repairs.  I like to work in the yard.  It’s not only that I like these things, I am actually better at them.  I am not good at housework.  If I were given a task to do, I could do it adequately.  But I just do not see what has to be done.  I am sure that this comes in some way from how I grew up.  My mother did not do housework.  Things did get to the point where we tripped over the clutter.  It is almost as if my brain is programmed not to see something until it absolutely must.  So for me housework does not come naturally.  It takes a great deal of effort on my part.  I find every excuse in the world not to do what I should be doing.  Right now I’m sitting here writing a blog instead of doing my dishes.  I did take the dog out but that was only because she cried to go out.  All I want to do today is carve. Is that so wrong?