The Mighty Tree

Rising from the forest floorHow proudly they have stoodI look upon majestic treesAnd all I see is wood.Going to the lumberyardTo buy a few board feetI choose a wonderful mahoganyStraight-grained and oh, so sweet.I sit a piece on my workbenchTurn it over in my handsThink how many years its’ livedBring some justice with my plansI bring it up to my noseAnd inhale it’s earthy scentThen reach out for my pencilWhat shall it represent?Chisel and knife standing readyA gleam across the bladesI try to find some inspirationBefore the daylight fadesThen in the quiet of the nightMy tools just seem to danceTaking away what isn’t thereHaving nothing left to chanceA glorious sunrise greets the dayMy masterpiece sits before meIn celebration of the woodI have carved a mighty tree.
Maura Macaluso