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 Woodcarvings by Maura

So, You really want to be a woodcarver?

The State of Woodcarving in America Today





      This project started out as a small idea, that as a novice carver with a few years under my belt, I would try to pass on my woodcarving knowledge and experience to other novice carvers. In an effort to legitimize my attempt, I sent out emails to the professionals in the field, be they carvers or business people.  I simply asked what they thought the state of woodcarving in America today was.  The responses were quite varied.  I then thought I would throw the question out to those who carved simply for the love of it.  I received a wealth of answers back and have learned more than I had ever hoped for from the act of writing this.  I hope the reader will find the information contained herein to be at least interesting, and perhaps helpful to the fledging professional carver or anyone thinking of throwing their hat into the business end of woodcarving.

     From the moment I put the first words on paper, this project began evolving and turned in to a monster.  I would try to put a paragraph at a time together.  Some days I wrote for 10 minutes, other days I sat for a few hours. Soon the paragraphs grew into chapters and it took on a life of its own.  As I was and am still learning, I will never feel like I have done enough with it. My better half told me that while I was busy researching and writing this, what I wasn't doing was what I was supposed to be doing, carving.  But as in carving, one of the hardest things to learn is when to stop.



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             2005 Carvin' in NYC

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2005 Carvin' in NYC

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