Rose Pin

This tutorial Courtesy of “Old Joe” Brott

Download, copy and print for pattern to be placed on wood. 2 1/2″ width makes a good pin. for smaller pin or pendant merely reduce pattern size with photo copier or computer.

Start by beveling the back to about 1/2 thickness of wood

Make deep stop cuts on pattern lines with a knife. Remove a chip along each stop cut to outline all parts of the rose

Use #5 10 or 12 mm gouge plus a #7 10 or 12mm gouge to shape inside of petals. Use knife to deepen stop cuts as needed and to round over outside petal edges.

Completed Rose Pin Carving, defuzzed, leaf veins added and ready for clear spray finish, or tint as desired.

SMALLER version of the rose minus stem for ear rings. 1 1/8″ is good size. Note: Textured appearance is from use of a #9, 4mm gouge to carve the petals. defuzzing will level these out considerably during final finishing.

Thanks Joe