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 Woodcarvings by Maura

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Ancient Arts Alive in the 21st Century

 Martha Stewart Woodworking Show

*Notice*The Staten Island Woodcarvers meet the first Wed. eve of every month at 7pm in the Parish house at New Dorp Moravian Church, Todt Hill Rd. and Richmond Rd. All woodcarvers and speciality woodworkers welcome. Free to all. Call 917-494-0008 for more details.

How do you become a woodcarver?

A reflection on my 10 year carving anniversary.

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The Bird of Paradise Doors

The Leprechaun

The Spanish Galleon



The Sacred Cod of Massachusetts

The Greenman Burning

The Harley Rocker

Wolf Charm



 Sikorsky Sea King



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Woodcarvers Frequently Asked Questions

      2007 Best in show Woodcarver Online Magazine Carpenter Pencil Carving Contest pics


The State of Woodcarving in America Today (free e-book)

So, You really want to be a woodcarver?

My Carving Blog

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